From the heart of South America, KHANA URU brings to life the rich heritage of Aymara Cultures. Colorful native costumes and unique Andean instruments which are handmade from armadillo shells, llama skins and various hollow reeds, which makes their presentation both authentic and entertaining.KHANA URU keeps delighting audiences time and time again.
KHANA URU has enchanted audiences throughout Western United States, Latin America, with their authentic costumes, instruments bringing the sounds of South America to life in the schools, colleges and concert halls.

Cidar Lima was born and raised in Bolivia. He began his music career at age eighteen. Cidar plays a wide variety of flute instruments. In 2000 Cidar released his first debut CD entitled KHANA (Light); a compilation of Bolivian and South American rhythms. Since 1996 he toured North America. Providing performances for workshops, universities, schools, festivals, create his own style later on. The style can be defined by its characteristic mix of culturally diverse rhythms and use of electronic and digital effects in contemporary World Music